Mendon, Utah

Mendon is located in Northern Utah’s beautiful Cache Valley. Mendon was established in the Cache Valley, following the peaceful conclusion of the so called “Utah War” of 1858. As the second community to be founded in Cache County, she was for a long time the gateway into the Cache Valley. The majority of the pioneers entering Cache Valley during this time, would do so over the low divide, just north of Mendon proper. Mendon was at first referred to as the “North Settlement,” in those early times, being north of Maughan’s Fort. The name of North Settlement was used until December 19, 1859 when Apostle Ezra T. Benson of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, named her Mendon.



Mon 2-4
Tues 1-4
Wed 2-4
Thurs 1-4
Fri 9-11


July Planning and Zoning Meeting
July 12th @ 7:30PM
(Agenda TBA)

June City Council Meeting
July 13 @ 7:00 PM
(Agenda TBA)

Pioneer Day Celebrations
July 22nd @ Mendon Square with family activities throughout the week prior.
Schedule of events to be announced.

Softball tournament July 10th -22nd signups going on now. Contact Logan Tidrow for information at 435-764-6126

2017 Meeting Schedule

Planning and Zoning meetings are held monthly, each 2nd Wednesday at 7:30 PM at the Mendon City Hall.  Please email for further information.

City Council meetings are held monthly, each 2nd Thursday at 7PM at the Mendon City Hall.  Please call 753-3449 or email for further information.  Agendas are posted on the Utah Public Notice website, at the post office, city office and in the Herald Journal prior to the meeting.  No meetings are held in December.

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Candidates for Municipal Election

Mayor – 4 year term
Edwin D. Buist

Councilmember – 4 year term
Jonathan W. Hardman
Shara K. Swan
Robert W. Jepsen

Mendon Road Closure Information

Mendon City Council voted Febuary 9th, 2017 to extend the Temporary Land Use Restriction (Building Moratorium) for a period of 6 months. The moratorium expires August 9th, 2017, unless extended by resolution.  See 2017-02 Moratorium Extension for details.


Mendon City Ordinance requires that every dog be licensed annually.  The license fee is $5 for a fixed animal and $10 for a non-fixed animal.  Fees double after April 1st. If you have five or more dogs over the age of four months you must also pay a kennel fee of $40 in addition to the regular dog license fees listed above.   Proof of current rabies shot is REQUIRED.  Licenses may be purchased during regular Mendon City Office hours.  M/W 1-3, T/Th 1-4 or Fr 9-11.

Ed Buist – Mayor

Elected in November of 2009.  Began first term in January 2010.  Lifelong Mendon City resident.  As were my parents.  As were their parents.  Love sports.  Especially USU.  The Jazz.  The Dolphins.  The Dodgers.  The Yankees.  I enjoy serving the city.  Learning new things and forming new relationships is fun.  Happy for the opportunity to share what talents I have with the community