Mendon City Official Water Statement

Mendon City Mayoral and City Council Official Statement:

Mendon City Residents and surrounding Friends and Neighbors

We have recently heard the calls by Governor Cox and other state and local officials to conserve and reduce the use of limited drought caused water resources. Mendon City is joining these state, county, and local municipalities. It is requested that we all review water usage, both indoor and outdoor, and identify where significant water usage can be reduced. If we all work together now, we hope that we can avoid the need for any future mandated water restrictions.

Mendon City recently completed a new well for our culinary water system, and we are confident that it will provide an immediate positive impact on daily water demands.  However, it is still essential that we identify ways to reduce daily water usage, including canal and other secondary water sources as these are rapidly depleting.

In the past, residents in the Mendon area have cooperated together to work through and overcome many challenges. We know that we can meet this challenge at this critical time.  Please join with us in a united effort to use our limited water resources sparingly.


Mendon City Mayor and City Council.

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