Mendon City Official Statement:

RE: Temporary closure of “Wayne’s Loop”

Effective immediately, the outdoor recreation area located on Mendon City property in the foothills west of Mendon City known as “Wayne’s Loop” will be closed. The property is closed to any and all activity. Entering, in any fashion, the city property will be considered trespassing at this time and will be a citable offense.

Upon review, the Mendon City Council has determined that closure is necessary for proper changes to be made in how the property is used, how parking is conducted, how garbage and other waste is disposed of, and working with the county and forestry service to get the proper permitting in place. It is unknown at this juncture when it will open again, however, resolutions are being worked on as quickly as is feasible. The city will post the opening date when it can be determined.

“Wayne’s Loop” has been a tremendous success.  In fact, it has been so successful that issues have arisen that must be immediately addressed. Therefore, the closure time will be used to regroup with the county, forestry service, trail users, and neighbors to make the proper adjustments needed going forward to make this an enjoyable place for all who wish to use it.

Mendon City Mayor and City Council

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