Mendon City Library Director Resigns

Greetings all,

I am giving official notification that Heidi Taylor has resigned her position as Director of the Mendon Library, effective November 10, 2021.  Heidi has been a tremendous asset to the library and the Mendon community as she has fulfilled her duties admirably.  Indeed, she has gone above and beyond expectations.  She has been a dedicated director who has built upon the foundation of the library, leaving it with not only a solid foundation, but sturdy walls and a strong roof.  We will always be grateful to her.  And we wish her great success in her new position with North Logan City. We consider North Logan City very lucky to have Heidi join them.

With Heidi leaving, the Mendon City Council has acted swiftly by promoting within.  I am pleased to announce that Jessica Martin has accepted the role of Director of the Mendon Library, effective November 11, 2021.  She has served as Library Assistant of the Mendon Library in recent months, and has been a true asset.  She is highly motivated with fresh ideas and has a deep affection for the library and Mendon.  We look forward to wonderful things coming from the library under Jessica’s leadership and she has the unanimous support of Mendon City Council.


Ed Buist

Mendon City Mayor

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