Mendon City Council Agenda 05/11/2023

THURSDAY, May 11, 2023



City Council Agenda: 

  • Pledge of Allegiance – Councilmember Jon Hardman
  • Prayer – Mayor Buist
  • Approval of Minutes for April 12, 2023                   
  • Approval of Bills
  • Fire Department Recognition – County Fire Chief Rod Hammer
  • PUBLIC HEARING – Water Bill Late Fees – Councilmember Hardman
  • PUBLIC HEARING – 2024 Fiscal Budget Hearing – Mayor Buist
  • PUBLIC HEARING – Level 1 Business Licenses – Councilmember Nemelka
  • PUBLIC HEARING – Business License Fee Schedules – Councilmember Nemelka
  • PUBLIC HEARING – Zoning Code Amendment – Councilmember Nemelka
  • Report 2023 Utah League of Cities and Towns – Mayor Buist
  • Water Rights Discussion – Eric Dursteler
  • Youth Council Report – Mayor Robbins
  • Law Enforcement Liaison – Deputy Wursten
  • Eric Dursteler – City Engineer
  • Kirk Taylor – Public Works Director
  • Library Report – Jessie Eiman
  • Councilmembers Reports:
  1. Greg Taylor-

youth council, buildings, mosquito abatement, deer & turkey management, parks, and recreation

2. Ian Nemelka-

planning and zoning liaison, streets, animal control, grant writing

3. Mike Morgan-

Planning & zoning, trails, library liaison, grant writing, May Day

4. Jon Hardman-

culinary water, secondary water systems liaison, storm water management, fire department liaison

5. Bob Jepsen-

Easter Egg Hunt, May Day, cemetery, fire department liaison, parks, and recreation.

6. Mayor Buist-

administration, school liaison, law enforcement, July 24th Celebration, emergency preparedness.

Agenda items should be sent to the Mendon City Clerk on or before the Friday preceding City Council.  This will allow posting of a complete agenda for all residents to view.  To include an item on the agenda, contact Traci Hillyard @ 753-3449 or                                                                                

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