Click for Planning & Zoning Agenda July 14, 2021

CALL TO ORDER & ROLL CALL PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE INVOCATION WELCOME ADOPTION OF AGENDA REVIEW & APPROVAL OF MINUTES June 9, 2021 June 23, 2021 ELECTIONS Chair Co-chair CONSENT AGENDA Items on the Consent Agenda are considered to have no known opposition or concern and are considered for approval as a group of items. If […]

Fireworks for 2021

Mendon City Officials are following the current state guidelines that due to drought conditions no fireworks of any kind should be used on city property west of the canal. This is in place until further notice or the state guidelines lift.

Mendon City Official Water Statement

Mendon City Mayoral and City Council Official Statement: Mendon City Residents and surrounding Friends and Neighbors We have recently heard the calls by Governor Cox and other state and local officials to conserve and reduce the use of limited drought caused water resources. Mendon City is joining these state, county, and local municipalities. It is […]

Mendon City Official Statement:

RE: Temporary closure of “Wayne’s Loop” Effective immediately, the outdoor recreation area located on Mendon City property in the foothills west of Mendon City known as “Wayne’s Loop” will be closed. The property is closed to any and all activity. Entering, in any fashion, the city property will be considered trespassing at this time and […]

Declaration of Candidacy

MENDON CITY DECLARATION OF CANDIDACY The following have declared their candidacy for Mendon City Council positions. For Mayor: Edwin D. Buist For Councilmember 4 year term: Judith Keilani Ludlow Jonathan W. Hardman Michael Morgan For Councilmember 2 year term: Robert Jepsen

June 10th City Council Agenda

MENDON CITY COUNCIL AGENDATHURSDAY, June 10, 2021AT THE MENDON CITY HALL6:00PMCity Council Agenda:• Pledge of Allegiance – Bob Jepsen• Prayer – Ron Campbell• Approval of Minutes• Approval of Bills Cache Valley Century Ride Dog License Fees-Councilmember Nemelka 6:30PM Public Hearing on Resolution 2021-07 Adoption of Mendon City Budget for Fiscal Year 2021-2022- Mayor Buist Public […]